Ninh Van Jumping Ganh Tour - Iresort Nha Trang Mineral Bath

Ninh Van Jumping Ganh Tour - Iresort Nha Trang Mineral Bath

Ganh dance owns a prime location in Ninh Van Bay of Hon Heo Peninsula - where the famous Orchid Island is located. The owner of Ghenh Nhay resort is also the owner of the nearby Wild Beach resort. The jumping rapids captivate visitors when they first arrive here with a pristine stretch of beach, crystal clear blue water every time the waves hit the shore, it sparkles with golden light in the sunlight and the natural beauty of the rocky shore. magic.

Today, Ninh Van Bay is probably still a very new place for many tourists. Because of the natural beauty and inherent tranquility of this place, it will be an ideal destination for many tourists who want to enjoy life and get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Ninh Van Ganh Nhay tour schedule - Iresort mineral bath

8h30 -> 8h15: Pick up guests at the meeting point in Nha Trang City, depart for Ninh Van.

8:30: Depart for the tour. The group moved along the beautiful northern road of Nha Trang. Here you can zoom out, see the whole panorama of Nha Trang Bay, Nha Phu Lagoon, Hon Heo, ... Enjoy the natural beauty with one side of majestic mountains, the other side immense blue sea.

Not only that, the stories of the tour guide about the sights will make your visit more interesting.

9:30 am: Arrive at Ninh Van pass. The car and tour guide will stop for visitors to admire and take panoramic photos of Van Phong Bay with a very beautiful overhead view. After that, visitors will visit the national historic site of the C235 ship and the fishing village of Dam Van.

10:00: Arrive at Ganh Nhay tourist resort (Nam Van Phong)

The most special feature of Ganh Nhay is the very fine sand, which is very enjoyable to walk. Ganh Jump's water is clear, shining with a beautiful blue color. The blue color also changes with light intensity and distance, making the surface of Ganh Nhay sea like a silk dyed ombre blue swaying with each wind.

Experience the following activities:

- You will be provided with life jackets, swimming goggles, snorkels, ... then freely swim to discover hundreds of colorful coral species on the island.

- Participate in water sports games such as: kayaking, banana floats, parachute, jetski,... (Expenses excluded).

- Explore the ocean world by experiencing scuba diving with oxygen, walking on the seabed... (expenses excluded).

After enjoying the beach, you can relax on the chairs/beds located along the beach.

12:30: Have lunch at Ganh Nhay restaurant.

14h30: You move to KDL Iresort. Relax with a hot mineral bath service from nature with a variety of minerals beneficial to health, spirit,...

16h00: End of the tour, the car takes you back to the original pick up point. Thank you and see you again.

    Diep Son Nha Trang tour menu

  • Tomato source over pan fried fish
  • Fried sweet and sour
  • Shrimp, salty ram meat
  • Minced fried egg
  • Garlic sauteed vegetables
  • Fish and sour soup
  • Rice
  • Dessert + iced tea.

Note: Menu may change by day/season, included in the tour.